MC and Music

Pete Meager
Master of Ceremony

Pete has been part of the Same Sex dance scene for a relatively short time compared to most, but has been an avid social dancer since early 2015 and spent a year and a half competing at European Championships through 2016/17.

He is an active member of various sport organisations within the LGBT+ community, currently Publicity Secretary for the UKSSDC, Public Relations Officer for Out For Sport London, International Public Relations for NOSSDA, Communications Officer for ESSDA and was also the Public Relations Manager for 10. Gay Games – Paris 2018.

2018 brought us his debut as a Master of Ceremony firstly at the 1st Norwegian Equality Open in Gamle Logen, Oslo, followed very swiftly by the 10. Gay Games in Paris at Gymnase Japy. He is delighted to be Master of Ceremony for the Nordic Open here in Finland – a fabulous way to complete such an amazing year!

Lady Olivia

Our fabulous DJ will guide our way throught the competition day as well as in the New Year’s ball!


LadyO, the icon of good taste and beauty is part of Nordic open 2018 to bring happiness and good music to all competing dancers! She was also a part of the equality scene before the Mammuts died!

The lady from Berlin just bought a farm and will concentrate in working on the field. We hope her nails and her beautiful skin will survive that! She cannot wait to spend New Year’s Eve on this amazing competition and celebrate the snowball in Helsinki with you!